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Craft Supplies – Fiber Poster Boards

Jul 02 2017 Published by under Uncategorized

When doing craft projects or making gifts we often use poster boards, and other materials as backings. This makes sense, as it is a sheet material, and often exactly what or looking for. Cardboard is too cheap, and does not last for a long but a good fiber poster board, which is cemented or stapled into place provides strength of the project and it often comes in the color of our choice. Still, there is a big difference between regular posterboard and special fiberboard.

There are also wooden composites that mimic fiber poster boards, which can be found in hardware stores, lumberyards, or construction supply companies. It’s amazing how little of this material that we use compared to the abundance that is available. For those that spend hours hunting for materials to use for their projects, or going through scrap piles for just the right substance to use, I would suggest that you stop looking so hard and start thinking about the versatility and variety of thin fiberboards.

The material that is used behind do-it-yourself inexpensive bookcases, and building yourself furniture as a backing is another form of fiber board that is readily available, it is extremely sturdy, and difficult to tear or rip. Let’s face it, we want our crafts and gifts to last as long as possible, so why not use the very best material that you can find, and this is one of the cheapest. Perhaps, that’s why our family uses it so much, and why I recommended it to you in this article. Please consider all this.

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